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Republic Restoratives Distillery

Estate Bourbon

Estate Bourbon

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We work with Wade’s Mill, Virginia’s oldest continuously operating commercial grist mill, to source locally grown and ground grains. Each batch is twice distilled, passing through over 200 square feet of copper to produce a clean spirit that highlights its grains.

We age our bourbon in a blend of medium and heavy toast char 3 and 4 white oak barrels coopered by Seguin Moreau in Napa, CA. They air-dry their staves for up to 24 months which produces rich delicate flavors.

The graces of nature take it from there. Our barrels rest in the natural temperature fluctuations of our DC rickhouse, picking up new flavors from the oak each season. To balance complex flavors and produce a consistent whiskey we use the Solera method, partially blending barrels to bring out the best notes and reliable quality in every bottle.

Nosing and Tasting Notes

Our inaugural batch of Republic Restoratives Bourbon is laden with bold, rich aromas. Vanilla extract, toasted pecan, marshmallow root lead the way with bakers’ chocolate, nougat and butterscotch following suit.

The palate offers up holiday-inspired flavors: powdered hot chocolate, dark cherry, and the smoke of a warm hearth. Ribbons of caramel give way to a finish that weaves together layers of earthiness, spice, and a final touch of vanilla.

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